Tips For Planning The Perfect Wedding

Tips For Planning The Perfect Wedding

Every woman’s dream is to have a perfect wedding which she and her groom will remember their entire lives. Today I’m bringing you some tips for making the most important day in any bride’s life totally unforgettable.

1. Guests

Calculate an approximate number of guest you’re going to invite before finding a venue, since that will ensure there is enough space for everyone. Remember that the standard space area is 25 to 30 square feet per guest. It’s important to count the spaces you’ll need for the band, the dance floor and tables, as well as the area for waiters.

2. Weather

If you’re planning an outdoor or a tent wedding, listen to the weather forecast and don’t let the rain or other weather extremities surprise you and leave you drenched on your otherwise perfect day. If you’re getting married in summer, and the weather is hot, consider air conditioning the venue and even bug repellent for outdoor weddings.

3. Food

One of the most important things to consider when planning a wedding is the meal plan. Choose quality food if you can. Check if you have any vegetarian or vegan guests, or maybe guests that don’t eat certain foods for health or religious reasons and adjust your meal plan accordingly. You don’t want anyone to stay hungry at your wedding!

4. The Dress

A flawless wedding dress is the must-have for every bride. Never go dress shopping on your own, take a couple of truly honest friends or a close relative with you. That way you can have an objective critic about which dress fits you best.

5. Plan B

Even though we all hope nothing goes wrong on that day, everything is possible, and that’s why it’s important to have a backup plan in case of unexpected circumstances. Plan alternatives for each scenario, so you are not left stressed if anything goes out of ordinary on your big day.

6. Photographer

Since you’ll be proudly showing off your wedding album to people your entire life, don’t underestimate the importance of a great photographer. Be ready to pay a little more for quality service and photos. Look up photographers online and find someone who will understand exactly what you want.

7. Make a list

Music? Check. Dress? Check. Food? Check. It’s crucial to make a checklist which will help you set in place all those details that make a wedding perfect.
With these tips, a beautiful and memorable wedding is guaranteed! Remember to plan ahead and set a realistic, balanced budget that won’t leave you broke at the end of the day.

Wedding vs Family Home

Wedding vs Family Home

Falling in love is a beautiful thing, getting married and having the wedding of your dreams is a lifetime memory that never fades away. After poring over the many wedding blogs and finding the right setting, theme, and dress for your big day; all that awaits is finding a planner, paying and setting a date. Hold that thought for a minute, have you considered home ownership? What’s better; splashing lots of money on a luxurious wedding, or using that money to pay the deposit for a home mortgage for your new family? This is the dilemma that many young couples are facing, do you get a loan or pay via a credit card for an amazing wedding that lasts a day or do you stay debt free by holding a simple inexpensive event and begin life together while financially sound?

Mortgage vs. Wedding

Don’t get us wrong; no one is against having a wedding to be remembered for eons, that will be put in wedding blogs, magazines and shows. If you can afford a fancy wedding and buying a house, then by all means go have fun, if you cannot, a compromise will have to be made that will keep you financially healthy after tying the knot. Ask the older generation how they managed and the advice you will get is; pay for your wedding in cash, the only loan to have after your wedding day is the mortgage. Find a good mortgage broker, get the best rates possible by looking at different plans then sign up and begin your path into being homeowners. You can also postpone the mortgage and rent while planning the next step.

Can you manage both?

The average cost of a wedding in recent times has been about $20000, for many young couples this may be a substantial amount. With student loans weighing down many, and family not chipping in for weddings like before, a choice has to be made on what’s important. Financial institutions have taken advantage of this and are offering wedding loans; our advice is desist from such. Many marriage troubles are brought about by finances and starting your happy ever after experience with a substantial debt should be discouraged. For those who already have homes, you can take a home equity line to finance the wedding, although many mortgage brokers would advise you not to. The only way you can manage a fancy wedding and a home mortgage is if you can afford both. If parents, family and friends are willing to pay for the wedding then by all means follow all the advice and tips in the fancy wedding blogs.

Many marketers know that people aren’t afraid to break the bank when it comes to wedding plans and will throw everything at you. Consider these tips to prevent you from getting things you don’t need to impress people who will have forgotten everything by the next day.

  • Make a budget with a firm ceiling that cannot be surpassed. This amount should be manageable and realistic.
  • Consider some DIY projects for decorations; you will surprised at how much you can save on flower arrangements by doing it yourself. Most wedding blogs have a ton of advice on simple yet effective decorating ideas.
  • Consult before making any purchases, that way it is easier to know if the purchase is really necessary or how much your partner wants it.Good luck on your wedding, create memories and never let the love bubble burst.

Best Honeymoon Destinations for 2016

Best Honeymoon Destinations for 2016

As honeymoons are often the last thing spent on the budget, many are rarely able to spend an entire two weeks out of town. We’ve narrowed down the best destinations for everyone.

Here are the best honeymoon destinations for 2016.



Nevis – have you ever heard of this island in the Caribbean? It is now even more accessible with flights from the United Airlines. The beaches are nothing less than spectacular as they are known for being the most unspoiled and secluded beaches in the Caribbean. The islands boast of volcanoes and rainforests for hikes as the marine life offers snorkeling.



Yellowstone – Why fly elsewhere when you can explore the natures of the National Park. As America’s first park, couples can enjoy nature in every way, from river rafting, wildlife safaris, boating, fishing, horseback riding and more.



Iceland – As the world’s smallest luxury cruise line, Windstar Cruises offers a new itinerary that takes guests through Iceland on a seven-day cruise and stopping at five islands that outline the country. Explore the famous Blue Lagoon, Vigur Island, Hengifoss and Godafoss waterfalls, and more. The luxury yacht only accommodates 200 people at a time, making it perfect for honeymooners.



As the birthplace of St. Valentine, Umbria provides acres of scenic vineyards that offer an abundance of wineries. The historic Cantina Scacciadiavoli is the oldest winery in the region and was founded by a Roman prince.



Luxembourg – As the only remaining Grand Duchy in the world and nearly over 100 castles throughout the tiny country, Explore Luxembourg’s breathtaking sceneries such as the Vianden Castle. The small city is filled with lush greenery, forts, castles, museums and palaces to explore.

Where are you planning to go for your honeymoon? Comment below and let us know!

Wedding Budget: Clever Ways to Save Money

Wedding Budget: Clever Ways to Save Money

For many brides, planning our dream wedding was easy. But in reality, those dream weddings may often cost a fortune, especially when he have other bills to pay for such as paying off student loans or buying a home. Luckily, we’ve listed now a few clever ways on how you can save money and still have the wedding of your dreams.

Don’t Say the “Wedding” until After You’ve Received Quotes

Most reception venues, florists, and other vendors tend to raise the price to nearly 25% when they hear the word wedding. If you don’t mention the wedding until after, you may have a higher chance of saving big bucks. Bakers and florists are also discrete with prices as many admit to suggesting exotic orchids that you “must-have” on your big day.

Have Reception at a Restaurant

Instead of paying for a venue and a catering service, why not choose your favorite restaurant? The bill won’t come with rental fees and there will surely be no surcharge for centerpieces, etc. The food will taste great and everything will already be in its place. One editor even mentioned to having her wedding with 200 guests at a Chinese restaurant at nearly $50 a person.

Opt for Bachelorette Stay-cation

Going out of town may be fun, but chances are not everyone has the cash to spend on an extravagant trip. Instead, choose to go to a spa or a spot in your own city. This will help save on gas, accommodation, and even airfare.

Invite Those Currently in Your Life

For many couples, families are forced into inviting their second cousin who they had only met once 15 years ago. The invites can surely add up, especially when others try to bring more guests. If you haven’t seen someone for a long time, cut them off the list. Invite people who know your fiancé and have spent time with you as a couple to share your particular moment. It’s not about the quantity of people at the wedding, but rather the quality.

What other ways have you done to save money for your big day? Let us know what you think!

Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2016

Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2016

From colored wedding gowns to rustic galore, if these wedding trends tell us anything, it’s that the personalized wedding is definitely here to stay.

Here are the Top Five Wedding Trends of 2016.

Earthy Botanic

Couples are looking elsewhere for floral arrangements as many are turning to all-green organic elements. Not only is this trend visually stunning, but it is also a budget-friendly option. Ivy, magnolia leaf, and even herbs are incorporated in the place of blooms. From chair décor, centerpieces to giveaways, weddings are getting the botanical treatment.

Modern Vintage

Modern brides are embracing the vintage theme in a fresh new way. With natural elements and museum style, frilly lace and tea cups are being replaced with antique-style elements. Bouquets are becoming more botanic with stationary features. Cabinets, birdcages, and even tea cups are used in place of floral.

Colored and Printed Wedding Gowns

Modern brides are ditches the tradition shades of white and taking to striking patterns and bold shades. Bridal gowns have always had other options of white, as some brides look to wear red, beige and even black for their weddings. Interestingly enough, brides are stepping out of the all-white designs and more into color. From bright hues to pastel and print designs, color has definitely made its way in bridal style in 2016.

Express with Cake

The latest trend in wedding cakes is all about expressing your love story. Many couples are skipping the 2,000 piping details and looking to feature favorite romantic quotes, poems, bible verses and even chronicles of the relationship. Nothing gives a marriage a sweet touch to a perfect beginning.

Non-Traditional Weddings

It seems as it color-themed weddings are out of style as unique themes are in trend. Couples are taking inspiration from movies, themes and unique ideas for their big day. Movies like Star Wars and Harry Potter are taking the wedding themes by storm for the past few seasons. Have your ceremony at a bowling alley or old Smog Shoppe? Sure! 2016 is the year that more and more couples are including their creative personalities for their special day.

What ideas do you have for your big day? Comment and let us know what you have in mind!

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